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Life is filled with excitement, blessings, normal everyday happenings, heartaches and pains. It is a conglomerate of events and activities accompanied by attached emotions and feelings. With all events of life, high or low, good or bad, a common thread is that each happening is also accompanied by a need for decision making. We must make sure our decision in every circumstance is a wise one.

In the book of Genesis, two brothers were born, twins in fact. As with most natural born children, they were as different as night and day. One loved the outdoors just like his Dad. The other enjoyed being around the house with Mom. Instead of working together as parents, these preferences raised barriers between the two because each parent favored the son that was closest to them in likes.

The custom of the culture dictated that the oldest son would receive a special blessing at an appointed time. This was a big moment for that son. When it became time for this to happen, Mom heard Dad tell his son to go prepare a meal for the event. Mom went into stealth mode and while son #1 was out hunting for his prized meal, she had son #2 get a farm raised animal for her to prepare for her favorite so he would receive the blessing instead. (Dad was blind so he couldn’t see which son would come.)

Through much scheming, son #2 received the blessing. Although, in this instance, the choice for son #2 to receive the blessing was God’s will, the way in which is was done was not. Son #2 fooled his Dad into giving him the blessing – all at great expense to the family. When son #1 found out, his hatred towards his brother escalated into deep bitterness. The rift between the sons only became more defined. Son #1 conceived a plan to kill his brother after the elderly Dad would die. Mom heard of it and sent her son back to the homeland for a period of time. Ultimately, most believe she never saw her favored son again, dying before he came back home. Things never really got any better. Hatred continued throughout generations. Although they did come together for the burial of their father, no lasting relationship ever resulted between them.

Be careful in your decisions. Think before you decide. “What will come out of what I am about to do?” Is a powerful question to answer. Your decision can carry long lasting circumstances – good or bad.

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