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I remember some significant days in my life. Each of them etched memories in my mind, filling me with all the mental pictures, smells, and emotions that go with them. It’s like I take a deep breath and they quickly surface within me at a moment’s notice. They rise to the forefront of my being. I remember the day I got married and each day our children were born. I remember the Christmas day that my Dad went to heaven and unexpected deaths of people I was very close to.

Some events in life are beyond description as to how they affect us – good and bad. We just never know what a day may bring. In fact, we are told this in the Scriptures (Proverbs 27:1).

Each day will change us in some way, whether seen or unseen, whether significant or insignificant. New experiences or routine, they change us in some way from what we were the day before. So, take hold of each day and garner in as many of life’s moments as you can. Breathe them in deeply and let God grow you in them.

With the satisfaction of a new year ending and the hope for the beginning of a new year, let your Creator and Savior help you make each day a special gift from the One who loves us most. We don’t know what a new year will hold but we do know Who holds us in the new year.

What memory is etched within you from this passing year? What hope do you have as you are heading into a new year? What words of thanksgiving will you lift up to the Lord for His blessing to you?

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